Lincoln Berean Church & Gay Marriage: Its Cool

"Now I mentioned last week that this issue of homosexuality is not a gray area. It’s not unclear in the Bible." (Pastor Bryan Clark,Understanding Our Times Whom Do We Worship Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 29/30 August 2015) Which is why Lincoln Berean rolls out the red carpet for gays: "Come as you are." (Lincoln Berean Church, What We Believe,

Just in from the pride parade?  En route to the bathhouse?   "It does not matter to us what your circumstances are or where you've been".  (Lincoln Berean Church, What We Believe,


The Pulse Nightclub was a gay hotspot in Orlando.  (see photo at left)

On 12 June 2016, a religious fanatic hit the establishment, resulting in significant loss of life.  Lincoln Berean immediately swung into action with the very impressive tweet shown at right.

"You're actually imagining, fantasizing, our language, texting, flirting, playing with fire." (Pastor Bryan Clark, Then It Happened Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 28/29 Jan 2017, page 6)

And Pastor Clark pushes you over the line with this theological gem:  "the very first command of the Bible is, “Have sex!"" (Pastor Bryan Clark, Understanding Our Times: A Question of Worldviews Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 22/23 August 2015)


"As a member of the North Platte Berean church, I had gone to the Lincoln website, to get info to give to my son who lives in Lincoln. I feel he needs to get back into a church setting.  When I saw on this church site, that it supports same sex marriages, which is totally against what the Bible teaches, I was shocked!" (Saddened church member, Lincoln Berean Church google+ Review,

Well, yes, it is, but “I'm going to be my own god; I'm going to run my own life." (Pastor Bryan Clark, The Gospel Story: God's Wrath Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 22/23 Sep 2012)(see tweet at left)

Well, well.


"As I said before, if you want to play religion, and if you want to throw Jesus in there and just kind of do your own thing, that’s up to you." (Pastor Bryan Clark, Understanding Our Times: A Question of Worldviews Sermon, Lincoln Berean Church, 22/23 August 2015)


You're a witch?  You've been avoiding Christian churches because of Exodus 22:18, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"?

Come to Lincoln Berean.  Now that Pastor Bryan claims to be god, he's relaxed the rules.

Lincoln Berean even throws a huge party for the witches' Sabbath!

"If there ever were a "Season of the Witch," it would have to be Halloween.


In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed that on Halloween witches took to the sky to celebrate their Sabbat until the rising of the sun." (Gerina Dunwich, Witch's Halloween:  A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore, Adams Media, 2010, p xii)(see tweet at left)

Showing once again that "the more leadership influence you have (position and power) the more you can get away with." (Lincoln Berean Church, Pastor Bryan Clark Sermon Description Good Leader, Bad Leader,

So if you'd like to get away with more, come on in to Lincoln Berean.


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